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Emma & Regina - “The Jolly Roger”

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What are you so afraid of!?

I’m REALLY sorry but it looks like they’re about to rap battle

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I love little family moments like this one, ugh they make my heart ache


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#ok let me rant a tiny bit #can you FUCKING IMAGINE all of the cute ass moments we could have had if we got to see baby eve grow up with these two awesome mommies? #but also at the time #i feel conflicted #because i feel like babies get in the way of relationships #no i know they do #so meh #i'm on the fence about that

Xena Warrior Princess: Lucy “Flawless” Lawless/Xena flawless face per episode: Animal Attraction 

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#keep in mind that when this happens in the show this isn't special effects #or some stunt double doing it #it's lucy lawless man #lucy #fucking #lawless


Xena throws her chakram: all enemies within a mile radius are disarmed, the slaves are freed, the blind can see, twelve rabbits give their lives for dinner, a convenient fire starts nearby, a souffle appears from thin air, the Eiffel Tower rises from nothing, a small forest is turned into a get-away lodge, and suddenly Caesar gets a cold chill.

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Brunhilda meets Xena [6.08 “The Ring”]

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#otp: a moment when i look at you

Xena considers Gabrielle to be family. [1.20 “Ties That Bind”]

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#otp: a moment when i look at you
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#otp: a moment when i look at you